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Love, Creativity & Exploration

Redefining education for our children

Welcome to

the Children's Sanctuary at Loveland

The Children's Sanctuary at Loveland provides a unique educational environment where children are encouraged to explore, learn, and grow. By emphasizing self-discovery and practical knowledge, this school offers a holistic education that promises to cultivate mindful, confident, and compassionate young minds, ready to embrace the world with their unique perspectives and abilities.

We offer an innovative approach to children's education encouraging kids to discover their individuality and talents through hands-on experiences... a blend of studies that promote self-exploration, creativity, and practical skills... from tending to animals and gardening to exploring art and crafts without micromanagement.

The curriculum is designed to instill a deep connection with nature, self-reliance, and personal growth. Activities such as raising their own food and engaging in heartfelt artistic expression allow children to feel a sense of accomplishment and excitement in what they create. These activities not only foster creativity but also contribute to a profound understanding of who they are as individuals.

We're excited to bring these new ways of learning to our children! 


What We Specialize In

Exploring their Individuality

Learning through Experience

Expanding their Creativity

Cultivating & Understanding

Individual Path Creation

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The Journey Towards Self

Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Child's Journey Today.

I have known Ericka for close to 20 years, what I admire most about her when I see her with children is her ability to intuitively know what each child needs in any given moment. This along with her gentleness, brings a uniqueness to her that I rarely witness in the teaching field. As society moves away from the modern standards of education,  Loveland is going to be a place where children can flourish in their uniqueness. 

- Adriana Hernandez

Ericka Cooke is one the most integrity driven and kindhearted women that I know. Leaving the care, education, well-being and maturity of our next generation in her hands at Loveland is one the best decisions I could ever make. I have watched her facilitate children's groups, youth meditation classes and childcare programs in such a poised and loving manner. 

I call her the child whisperer because she comprehends the language of children so deeply and knows how to communicate with them in an intuitive and understanding way. LoveLand is the hope for our future merging self-discovery, growth and practical experiences.

- Katie Kyleen Sabbaghian

Founder of Arizona Spiritual Events

I have known Ericka for a few years now and feel so blessed to have witnessed her bring Loveland to fruition.  With each phase I witnessed Ericka rely deeply on her spiritual insights as I watched this miraculous place unfold. From the raising of baby chicks, on to buying the donkey's and preparing the gardens, I watched as Ericka made heartfelt decisions along the way. 


Unlike traditional facilities Loveland’s environment is a place where children get to explore who they really are and to learn important life skills through love.

- Barbara Dubis


Fall '23 / Spring '24

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The Children's Sanctuary at Loveland...

is experiencing it's Grand Opening and we invite you to explore all we have to offer as we seek to celebrate children's education, learning and spiritual development.

With our Grand Opening, we will be featuring a variety of events, workshops and more.

Please explore below or contact Ericka...

Upcoming Events

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