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Coming August 2024 - Schedule Consult Below

We are SO EXCITED to announce The Preschool at Loveland opening August 25th for ages 3-6 (fully potty trained). We will be offering one to four day a week programs M-TR from 9am-12noon.

Our philosophy is something you won’t find anywhere else, as our approach is uniquely catered to each child and family.


Some things that make us unique. 


  1. Our 1:3 ratio is how we better foster learning, creativity and exploration of the inner child. 

  2. We teach self regulation not discipline. If a child needs time away from their peers we have a “soft safe room” for processing.

  3. We offer child led learning, where we use your child’s internal guidance to promote their learning. We don’t teach educational standards until a child shows interest.

  4. Our classes are primarily outside as we feel nature and the exterior environment at Loveland is the best place for children to learn. 

  5. Our daily parent discussion is how we encourage the entire family to be involved with each child’s growth. 

  6. We offer our animals to encourage bonds, teach animal care and promote a healthy base in responsibility.

  7. We offer only foods harvested here at Loveland or from other organic sources. 

  8. Each child will have their own dedicated planting section of the gardens where they will grow and harvest their very own choice of flowers or vegetables.

  9. Bits of our weekly routine include: nutrition, animal care, movement, inner self teachings, music, literacy, art, sound based work and phonetic practices.


  • 1 day a week (monthly) - $220

  • 2 days a week (monthly) - $440

  • 3 days a week (monthly) - $660

  • 4 days a week (monthly) - $880


**Now scheduling consults: If you are interested in learning more about our preschool, please click the link below to schedule a consultation. 

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