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Meet Ericka

Founder & Chief Educator

With a heart full of love and a passion for nurturing young minds, my journey in early childhood education began as a teacher in a pre-school, where I spent three joyful years. This was a time of growth and connection, and after the birth of my third child, I was drawn back to this calling.

Becoming the Director of a pre-school for four years, my dedication to children's growth was mirrored by my husband Joe's supportive role, contracting through the daycare center to maintain our lovingly crafted buildings. This connection blossomed into a family venture, and a year and a half later, JP & Sons Contracting Inc. embarked on a mission of building, renovating, and maintaining daycare centers since 1997, spanning across 25 states.

We've been honored to work with esteemed institutions like Kindercare, Knowledge Learning Corp, Glendale School District, and the Arizona Head Start Program. As an Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner and Level II Practitioner from The Academy of Divine Ministry, my work transcends the physical environment, focusing on intuition and connection with the Creator. These spiritual principles infuse our work with authenticity and peace.

In every stage of life, from parenting to grandparenting, my commitment to early childhood education has been a journey of love, understanding, and service. Guided by a deep connection with children and a dedication to their growth, my life's work is a testament to the beauty of nurturing, healing, and building both structures and souls. It is my deepest truth that children can learn through love itself.

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