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Our Mission

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A child's formative years are best served exploring


As a teenager I began to notice that  I enjoyed being around children which then led to my first job as a preschool teacher. From my first teaching experience I knew  immediately there was something unique about me, all the children wanted to be in my class. I left that job in my late teens and began having children of my own.  Motherhood has been a journey and the greatest gift of a lifetime.

Seven years ago we were gifted with our first grandchild, it was then that a shift began to happen inside of me. There was a newly discovered joy which reignited parts of me that laid dormant for years. The part that overflowed with creation when playing with children.


I could always sense what kids needed… formal discipline wasn’t necessarily needed because I knew how to connect with them… they could express, grow, communicate, design, create.

Starting as early as Pre-School, there's a strong emphasis on numbers, letters, and shapes. While these fundamentals are essential, our mission extends further, focusing on building children's inner knowing, confidence, and social relationships with their peers.


We help them comprehend their unique selves, nurturing not only their academic skills but also their personal development. This holistic approach ensures that we lay a strong foundation that goes beyond conventional education, setting them on a path to a fulfilling and self-assured life.

At the heart of our children's education program is a gentle yet directional approach that embodies clarity, kindness, and effective communication. We recognize that working with children requires a delicate balance and understanding their needs while guiding them with assurance.


Our philosophy emphasizes connection and relatedness, believing that when we authentically engage with children, we can work together to overcome challenges and enhance critical thinking. It's not merely about instruction but fostering a bond that promotes trust and cooperation.

We strive to empower children to confront their fears, understand the narratives shaping their emotions, and ultimately trust in themselves. By asking thoughtful questions and showing genuine interest in their thoughts, we help them take on more critical thinking skills.


It's in our approach, one that cultivates connection and understanding, where we see remarkable growth and transformation in the children we guide

Let’s Work Together

1124 E. Loveland Ln

San Tan Valley, Arizona 85140

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